Wszystko Co Najważniejsze: Polish AI-Labs (PAILS). A New Way To Trade

While Poland has been the gateway for the two sides of Europe, it has never been seen as a hub or entry point for the world. Could Poland create a silk road of its own? How?

Through “AI-Labs.”

AI-labs are a new phenomenon. On the surface, an AI-Lab is center for development and innovation for artificial intelligence (AI). That’s why several companies are opening up AI-labs around the world. Google has created a lab in China. Samsung has opened up a lab in Canada. Amazon will start a lab in Germany.

So far, AI-Labs are driven by three trends. First, only companies, mainly technology firms, are opening the labs. Second, they are doing so as a long-term strategy to win support from foreign governments. Third, AI-Labs are unexpectedly becoming the next cultural centers.

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