Abishur’s books have redefined geopolitics.

They are the first books in the world to look at gene editing, automation and space mining and other new technologies through the filter of geopolitics. They go where no books have gone before and paint a picture of the future that few may realize is already materializing.

Reviews from Amazon Customers

“Next Geopolitics is the kind of book that will shake up your worldview on what the next few years will look like. The author understands that we live in exceptional times, and he gives us a clear preview on the changes in society that technology will have in our lives. If you are the kind of reader that loves diving into the science fiction that will shortly be science fact, you’ll enjoy this guide to future.” 

“Quick, exhilarating read about the invisible forces shaping our lives. After reading, you won’t be in control, but you’ll be in the know.”

“I received an advanced copy of this book and I read it from beginning to end without stopping. The scenarios that the author presents completely caught me off-guard and made me rethink the future. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in world affairs, technology or just the future in general! A must read.”

Abishur has written four books:


The Age of Killer Robots

Going beyond the hype, this book explores what killer robots mean for geopolitics and humanity. It blends provocative scenarios, deep research and unorthodox questions to make readers question today and tomorrow.

Available here.


Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence)

The first book to explore how artificial intelligence could transform geopolitics. Goes beyond the military implications and looks at new avenues, like bias, ethics and digital workers.

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Next Geopolitics: Volume Two

Starting from where Volume One left off, Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology) Volume Two takes another deep dive into new technologies such as transhumanism, virtual reality and lab-grown diamonds, and what their geopolitical impact might be.

Available here.


Next Geopolitics: Volume One

The first book of its kind, Next Geopolitics: Volume One has taken the world of geopolitics by storm. It has become a go-to resource for chief executives, heads of state, policy makers and investors, who want to understand what the future of geopolitics holds.

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