Sputnik News: Rise of ‘Next Geopolitics’ to Explore How Tech, AI Will ‘Reconfigure’ World Order, Futurist Says

Sputnik News has interviewed Abishur Prakash for an in-depth Q&A on how emerging technologies will reshape geopolitics. Abishur provided his thoughts on a range of areas, including how AI should be regulated, what China’s rise means and much more. Below is an excerpt of the interview. Read the full Q&A here.

Sputnik: Could you explain to our readers the concept of Next Geopolitics? What are some of the most important examples you’ve found and could you explain your primary concerns in the ongoing intercontinental tech race?

In 2013, when the world was just waking up to geopolitics of technology, I coined the expression “Next Geopolitics.” Since then, it has taken on a world of its own with books, interviews and public speaking.

At its core, Next Geopolitics revolves around a basket of emerging technologies, including AI, robotics, virtual reality, blockchain, quantum computing and gene editing and how they could reshape geopolitics.

An example of Next Geopolitics is what I call “Data Nationalism”.

Right now, nations are implementing data laws because of rising nationalistic sentiment. Take India. It has passed data localization laws and is preparing more policies around open marketplaces for data.

Read the rest of the interview here.