IISS Report On China Dual-Use Technology Cites Abishur Prakash

“Though drones can be classified within robotics as unmanned automated systems, not all robots are drones. For example, AnBot, a security robot developed by China’s National Defense University, has sensors similar to human eyes and ears. It can patrol autonomously and can shock people with electricity or take photos using facial recognition.83″

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The World's First Book On The Geopolitics Of Artificial Intelligence

For the past 70 years, geopolitics has been defined by oil, natural gas, defense and much more. Now, geopolitics is being defined by technology. And, AI is the most important. Nations of all shapes and sizes are looking to AI to give them an economic and geopolitical edge. Everything from ethics to bias to warfare will be defined and redefined by the geopolitics of AI. See why nations are competing over a technology that nobody fully understands but everybody wants.

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