Sputnik News: Killer Robots ‘Have Arrived’, Humans Need Serious Talks on AI Warfare Ethics in Tech Race – Futurist

Abishur Prakash was interviewed by Sputnik News, one of Russia’s leading media platforms. He shared his thoughts on autonomous weapons, geopolitics of technology, the global tech race and his latest book, “The Age of Killer Robots.” Below is part of the interview. Read the full interview here.

Sputnik: Does AI allow militaries to operate more efficiently, or are there major concerns over safeguards in their wider implementation, namely, blocking programmes from moving beyond Artificial Narrow Intelligence, deadly computer glitches or machines “breaking rank” to execute programmes at the cost of planned military strategies?

Abishur Prakash: Killer robots will allow nations to fundamentally redesign their militaries. From capabilities to freeing up resources, nations will have new options.

For example, can militaries cut costs by incorporating killer robots? Today, unmanned hardware such as military robots is a lot cheaper than manned hardware. The US F-35 costs up to $122m, depending on the model.

Compare this to China’s most powerful drone, the CH-5, which costs $8m.

As algorithms advance, allowing tanks, drones, submarines, humanoid soldiers and warships to operate fully autonomously, what will nations choose: killer robots, which are cheaper and equally effective, or expensive manned hardware?

Read the rest of Abishur’s interview here.