Robotics & Geopolitics: India, China Forge AI Alliance; U.K. Weighs Robot Tax

As more countries invest in artificial intelligence, alliances between governments are starting to take shape. This week also saw another inquiry into the effects of automation on jobs in the U.K., which is considering a robot tax. In addition, one major business is taking a unique approach to detecting AI bias — by creating AI to detect it.

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China and India create big data, AI alliance to mend ties

Robotics development: A month after an informal summit between the leaders of India and China, the countries have launched joint projects in artificial intelligence and big data. The projects are being led by the National Association for Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), India’s largest technology association, and the Chinese government.

On May 26, an AI project was launched in Dalian, China, and on May 27, a big-data project was launched in Guiyang, China. At the same time, to facilitate dialogue and projects between Indian and Chinese firms, a platform powered by AI called “Sino Indian Digital Collaborative Opportunities Plaza” (SIDCOP) was launched.

Geopolitical significance: India and China lead Asia for AI investment and adoption — for example, in India, AI investment and adoption jumped from 29% to 69% between 2016 and 2017. However, the AI markets of both countries have been unequal, independent, and disconnected.

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