Scientific American: The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence

An article written by Abishur Prakash was published by Scientific American. The article focused on how artificial intelligence could transform the relationship between the US and China, and shift global power. Below is the introduction. For the full piece click here.

Something stood out of the ordinary during a speech by China’s president, Xi Jinping, in January 2018. Behind Xi, on a bookshelf, were two books on artificial intelligence (AI). Why were those books there? Similar to 2015, when Russia “accidentally” aired designs for a new weapon, the placement of the books may not have been an accident. Was China sending a message?

If it was, perhaps, it was this: For decades, China has been operating in an Americanized-world. To escape, China is turning to AI.


By 2030, China wants to be the world’s leading AI power, with an AI industry valued at $150 billion. How does China plan to achieve this?

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