IARA Discusses Abishur Prakash’s Article On AI-Politicians In Journal

The Indian Academicians and Researchers Association (IARA) has discussed Abishur Prakash’s article on AI-politicians in their quarterly journal. The journal is called the “International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research.” Below is a preview of what was discussed:

Abishur Prakash’s forthcoming book “Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence, focus on AI-Politicians. The futurist era when politics will be ruled by AI instead of human leaders. The preview of this is now seen in many electoral process as follows.

• Alice was an artificial intelligence (AI) system created by Yandex, Russia’s equivalent to Google.She ran her campaign using slogans like “the political system of the future” and “the president who knows you best.” While Alice didn’t win, she did receive 25,000 votes.

• Michihito Matsuda, Tokyo AI raced in a mayor election in April, 2018 placed thirdwith 4,000 votes. His campaign slogan: “Artificial intelligence will change Tama City.”

Read the full journal here. Read Abishur Prakash’s article on AI-politicians here.