Robotics & Geopolitics: U.S., South Korea Seek AI Leadership With New Efforts

This week, the world saw the U.S. create a committee on artificial intelligence, South Korea investing more in AI leadership, and telecommunications giant Vodafone spending on more automation.

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South Korea invests trillions of won into AI

Robotics development: On May 16, the South Korean government unveiled a 2.2 trillion won ($2 billion) investment plan for the South Korean AI industry. The plan, approved by the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, will be invested over five years into “large scale” AI initiatives around defense, science, and public safety.

The plan also calls for investment into educational institutes to create 5,000 AI experts over the next five years.

Geopolitical significance: While South Korea may feel positive about its investment plan, is $2.2 billion really enough to make a difference in global AI leadership — especially considering what China is investing?

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