Robotics & Geopolitics: U.K. Drives £10M Policy Around AI and Robotics

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U.S. moves forward on self-driving cars

Robotics development: The U.S. government recently passed several new policies around self-driving cars, all of which could propel the industry. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is now allowing states to compete to have “automated vehicle proving grounds.” Previously, locations were selected by the federal government. Second, the DOT has updated how it defines a “driver.” Going forward, the term “driver” could include robotic systems (alongside humans).

Geopolitical significance: As the U.S. introduces new policies around self-driving cars, the question of “why” has to be asked. Why now? One answer could be China.

When Vice President Mike Pence criticized China at a recent speech at the Hudson Institute, he talked about new technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. The recent story in Bloomberg of Chinese “spy chips” in all kinds of U.S. devices, points to China’s growing power through technology.

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