Robotics & Geopolitics: China’s Robot Strategy Enters a New Phase

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Study: Robots can influence children’s decisions

Robotics development: According to a new study, researchers have found that social robots are able to influence the decisions of children. In one experiment, children were instructed to complete a task alongside robots. When time came to give an answer, 74% of children gave the wrong answer, giving the same answer that the robots gave, verbatim.

Geopolitical significance: The study of children and “robot peer pressure” reflects one of the most overlooked risks that robots could bring. As robots take on a variety of roles, from teacher to advisor, they could exercise control over human beings.

Earlier this month, a study by researchers in Germany found that people struggled to turn off a robot if it “pleaded with them.” Certain people refused to turn it off after it constantly asked them to not to.

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The Age of Killer Robots

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