Leading Cybersecurity Conference In Spain Holds Session On Next Geopolitics

…For its part, the round tables of the day raised important questions on issues that are currently on everyone’s lips. The theme of the first, “The Future Of Cybersecurity And The Ecosystem Level Approaches” , was based on the recent work of Abishur Prakash, “Next geopolitics: the future of world affairs (technology)”, in which the author describes several scenarios where technological development puts our society, economy and way of life at risk due to cyber threats…

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The World's First Book On The Geopolitics Of Artificial Intelligence

For the past 70 years, geopolitics has been defined by oil, natural gas, defense and much more. Now, geopolitics is being defined by technology. And, AI is the most important. Nations of all shapes and sizes are looking to AI to give them an economic and geopolitical edge. Everything from ethics to bias to warfare will be defined and redefined by the geopolitics of AI. See why nations are competing over a technology that nobody fully understands but everybody wants.

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