Asia Times: India declares tech war on China

Asia Times, one of Asia’s most reputable media platforms, has published an article by Abishur Prakash. The article discusses the geopolitical clash between India and China over technology. Below is an excerpt. Read the full piece here.

Take the ban on TikTok. Its revenue in India was anywhere from a projected US$25 million or so in 2020 to as high as $6 billion. But TikTok (and its parent company ByteDance) are not China’s most prized technology firms.

And India knows this. Consider how China has responded to the ban on its apps: “strongly concerned.” This doesn’t sound like the language used by a country that is hurting.

If India truly wanted to hurt China, there is one group of technology companies it would have targeted: consumer goods firms. From Oppo to Vivo to Xiaomi to Haier to Lenovo, these companies are the national pride of China. They are the ones building China’s “tech power” and Beijing’s new global footprint. And each of these companies counts India as its largest foreign market.

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