The Geopolitics of Data (Global Citizenship Review)

Abishur Prakash wrote a piece for Global Citizenship Review, a magazine published by Henley & Partners, a leading citizenship advisory firm. The piece is titled “The Geopolitics of Data” and it looks at how countries/companies are using data and what this could mean for the world of geopolitics.

Here is an excerpt:

What would you do if you wanted to travel to Germany but couldn’t buy an airline ticket because you had a low social score? If you haven’t heard of the term “social score” perhaps you should travel to China. In 2018, more than 9 million Chinese individuals were blocked from booking flights because their social scores were too low. Their scores were derived from their online activity, spending habits, and political party loyalty. While this may sound peculiar to some, what is happening in China reflects just one way in which data is now being tapped.

You can access the full article and magazine here.