Sensors Magazine Talks About Abishur Prakash’s “New Space Race”

…Abishur Prakash… writes, “It’s clear that a new space race is underway between world powers–and AI and robotics could define who wins. Facing large ambitions from numerous countries, robotics companies have a huge opportunity in front of them. Governments need ways to achieve their space-race goals, and robotics and AI will increasingly be the main way to do this.”

“Because the 21st-century space race isn’t just between two countries (originally the U.S. and Soviet Union in the 1960s), robotics companies have more options to work with governments from around the world. The China National Space Administration has a multi-decade plan to guide its space exploration. By 2050, China wants a base on the moon, operated by robots. The European Space Agency (ESA), which said in 2016 that robots might entirely replace humans in space missions. Russia has plans for humanoid space robots.”

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