Robotics & Geopolitics: Nations Use Robots to Protect Their Culture

In a week where two nations are cooperating on artificial intelligence rules, two other nations are clashing around the use of military drone swarms, and a third nation is developing robots to preserve itss culture’s languages.

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Japan, Europe partner on AI rules

Robotics development: The European Union (EU) is asking Japan for assistance in developing rules around artificial intelligence. These rules will be wide-ranging, covering everything from how AI impacts privacy to how AI should be regulated in defense. This AI partnership is part of a broader exchange between Japan and the EU to take collaboration to the next level.

Geopolitical significance: What Japan and the EU are doing is the new way nations are building ties: by partnering and collaborating around new and emerging technologies like robotics and AI.

This isn’t just taking place in Europe. In Africa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed agreements with Nigeria, the continent’s largest economy, to cooperate around AI. Nigeria wants one of its governmental agencies to develop AI capabilities, and the UAE will play a big part in making this happen.

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