Robotics & Geopolitics: India Fires Warning Shot at Foreign Firms

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India’s latest drone policy puts foreign firms on notice

Robotics development: India has passed laws for drones that change the entire drone landscape in the country. Not only will those wanting to fly drones have to register with an authority, but there will also be rules for flying drones within buildings.

Perhaps the most stringent policy though, is one that bans foreigners from flying drones in the country. Under this policy, foreigners will not be allowed to fly drones in India, unless it is for commercial purposes, for which they will need to attain a license.

Geopolitical significance: For those not paying attention to India, which is expected to be the world’s second-largest economy by 2050, the drone policy may seem to be a “one off.” But it isn’t. This is the latest policy in a long line of rulings against anything foreign that infringes on India’s safety and freedom.

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