Robotics & Geopolitics: Global Supercomputer Race Creates AI Opportunity

Countries and companies are rushing to score goals in proving their leadership in artificial intelligence and robotics. The AI opportunity is no doubt significant, but they will have to determine their priorities beyond bragging rights.

The nations and institutions supporting research must connect their initiatives to practical, profitable products for true competitiveness. This could be something as humble as a weeding robot or as flashy as a powerful supercomputer for new AI insights.

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Switzerland’s new export is robots, not tax havens

Robotics development: EcoRobotix, a Swiss robotics firm, has been developing a robotic weeder that uses cameras and AI to spot weeds and kill them without affecting other crops.

The solar-powered robot uses two arms to identify weeds and dispense herbicide. Because of its accuracy, the robot uses 20 times less herbicide than traditional weed-killing machines, claims EcoRobotix, which raised $10.6 million last month.

Geopolitical significance: Tax havens used to be Switzerland’s claim to fame, but in the future, it could be robotics. The weed-killing robot isn’t the first Swiss robot to make headlines.

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