Robotics & Geopolitics: AI May Shake Up Middle Eastern Status Quo

Artificial intelligence and related technologies are increasingly the focus of international competition, but could policies level the playing field between larger and smaller countries, or might they exacerbate regional conflicts? This week, we also look at British research into military robots, despite concerns about ethics.

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Malta wants to be the next AI power

Robotics development: Malta, which claims to be the world’s leading hub for blockchain, wants to become a world leader in AI. To do this, the tiny nation is developing an AI strategycalled “”

This strategy has several aspects, including a “citizenship test” for robots and a public-policy framework to govern how AI behaves. One of the overarching goals is to create “benevolent” AI.

Geopolitical significance: Like many countries, Malta is looking to AI and machine learning to grow its economic and global power. But how will it differentiate itself from everyone else?

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