Robotics & Geopolitics: Automation Fears Require Policy Experts; Denmark Joins AI Race

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Denmark aims at becoming an AI leader

Robotics development: Danish brewer Carlsberg has been using AI to “predict” how a beer will taste. Carlsberg is doing this to reduce costs associated with mixing chemicals in labs to see how different beers might taste.

Equally important is that it is impossible for Carlsberg to taste every beer they concept. Through AI, the process is simplified.

Geopolitical significance: While countries such as the U.S., China, and Israel get most of the attention in the AI world, other countries are on the move, too. One of them is Denmark.

Danish AI is being used in gas stations in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to control prices at the pump. Emergency dispatchers across Europe are testing Danish AI to tell if an emergency caller is having a cardiac arrest. Businesses in Copenhagen are tapping the Danish Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence to predict customer demand for a product or even develop new products.

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