Robotics & Geopolitics: Foreign Hackers Target Robotics Firms; Australia Launches Automation Strategy

Nations around the world continue to build bridges with other countries around artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics. Conversely, some foreign hackers are actively attacking robotics companies and AI firms looking for inside information.

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Singapore-based healthcare AI heads to China

Robotics development: Hanalytics, a Singaporean AI firm, has developed an AI doctor called Biomind. It can diagnose neurological problems in seconds, while a human doctor could take as long as 30 minutes. And it has an accuracy of 90% compared with a human doctor’s accuracy of 60%. Biomind was developed in partnership with Beijing’s Tiantan Hospital, where it has been diagnosing patients since April.

Geopolitical significance: This isn’t the first AI partnership between Singapore and China. At the first Sino-Singapore Artificial Intelligence Forum this month in Nanjing, China, Singapore’s minister of finance invited China to test its AI in Singapore.

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