RoboBusiness Interviews Abishur Prakash About Future Of Geopolitics & Technology

RoboBusiness reached out to Abishur to share some of his thoughts leading up to his session at RoboBusiness. Abishur will be speaking in the session Robotics and IoT Security Concerns, which will focus on the challenges of keeping robot controls and data secure against the threat of potential hackings or security breaches.

What got you interested in robotics and artificial intelligence, and how is it connected to what you’re now doing?

My work revolves around understanding how new technologies will transform world affairs and what this means for a business or government. Of all the different technologies, from embryo editing to biotechnology to space mining, the two most important are robotics and artificial intelligence. Their impact on the world has not been fully understood, and that means their ability to bring huge transformation and disruption continues to rise.

Which emerging technology or application excites you the most?

The use of artificial intelligence in foreign policy decision making. I went in depth about this in my new book, Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology). As governments deploy AI in trade, security, diplomacy and other avenues, it is going to change how countries behave with each other and how nations grow their power.

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