Qatar Looks Beyond Fuel to Robotics Leadership

You have heard of Qatar, but how well do you know the Middle Eastern country? More importantly, how well do you know its potential for robotics growth?

Qatar (locals pronounce it “kuh-TAR”) boasts the highest per-capita gross domestic product in the world, according to the CIA’s 2017 World Factbook. As of last year, the average person earned $124,000 annually.

The country has a land area smaller than the state of Connecticut, but it sits on the world’s third-largest (proven) natural gas reserves after Russia and Iran. The state provides electricity, water, healthcare, education, and more — for free — to a population that is 85% foreign.

If those facts don’t impress you, then this will: Qatar has a robotics industry that is gaining steam in healthcare, education, tourism, and more.

What makes the local robotics industry a “ripe” opportunity is that natural gas, which provides over 70% of the government’s revenue, is — like oil — falling in value. The government needs a new growth industry, and robotics may be the solution.

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