Nikkei Asian Review: It is time for G-20 to give way to tech-driven AI-20

Abishur Prakash’s concept of AI-20, a global grouping to govern AI, has been published in Nikkei Asian Review. Below is an excerpt. You can read the entire article here.

India is building artificially intelligent replicas of people that will exist and evolve even after the real person has died. China is tracking the brainwaves and productivity of workers with AI. Indonesia wants AI to replace government employees and cut bureaucracy.

Across Asia, and the world, AI is creating unfamiliar possibilities. To ensure future stability as AI redefines human productivity or monitors us on behalf of states and corporations, the world must take action now by governing AI on a global level.

But existing multilateral organizations, such as the Group of 20, the group of leading rich and developing nations, cannot help here. It is time for something new: the AI-20.

Read the full article here.