Mandiner: Artificial intellect draws maps of the future

Mandiner, a weekly magazine in Hungary, has reviewed Abishur Prakash’s book, “Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence).” Below is an excerpt. Read the full review here (requires translation into English).

We know little more up-to-date than Abishur Prakash’s chosen field of specialization — although the geopolitics of technology are being addressed by more and more people. It is no coincidence that the writings of our author, who is of Indian descent but born in New Zealand and works in Canada, are gladly and regularly covered by the editors of Scientific American, Forbes and the BBC. The essence of our author is that in the future it is not the natural endowments but the technology that will decide the issues of power. Within this, Go.AI deals with perhaps the most exciting topic, the geopolitics of artificial intelligence.

Read the rest of the review here.