Institut français des relations internationales(IFRI) Reviews “Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence)”

The Institut français des relations internationales, or IFRI, has reviewed Abishur Prakash’s latest book, “Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence).”

Here is an excerpt of the review which was originally published in French in the IFRI’s Politique Etrangère magazine:

“In a didactic opus, Abishur Prakash analyses the consequences of the democratization and sophistication of AI in a variety of fields: trade, war, intelligence, politics, education, employment… Many states around the world are already deploying AI systems for a variety of purposes. In Japan, an AI ran in a municipal election; in China, police use AI-doped algorithms to predict crimes and offences; in Russia, the authorities have developed an AI to detect the onset of ethnic conflicts; the United Arab Emirates has a “Minister for Artificial Intelligence”…”

“The author reminds us that, unlike fossil resources, AI is man-made; in other words, it is up to man to decide on the missions he assigns to AI and the necessary limits of technology. This is not the least of the challenges that appear when reading the book, as the potential for destabilization of this technology seems significant. However, one of its main merits is to avoid any anxiety-provoking bias – something that public debates on AI rarely escape.”

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