Abishur running a session on Next Geopolitics for a central bank in Europe.

Abishur Prakash is a co-founder of Center for Innovating the Future (CIF), North America’s leading strategy consulting firm focused on how artificial intelligence (AI) is remaking the world of business and geopolitics. For almost a decade, CIF has been at the cutting edge of strategy consulting, helping organizations across industries understand how AI is redesigning business models, societies, politics, institutions and global systems.

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Transportation & Technology | One of the highest-valued startups in the world

Global Services | Blue chip multinational

Robotics | An award winning robotics startup focused on consumer services

Government | Ministries focused on becoming future-ready

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• Strategy Innovation

• Advisory

• Training/Education

• Research

• Public Speaking

Learn more about CIF and what we can do for you here.

The World's First Book On The Geopolitics Of Artificial Intelligence

For the past 70 years, geopolitics has been defined by oil, natural gas, defense and much more. Now, geopolitics is being defined by technology. And, AI is the most important. Nations of all shapes and sizes are looking to AI to give them an economic and geopolitical edge. Everything from ethics to bias to warfare will be defined and redefined by the geopolitics of AI. See why nations are competing over a technology that nobody fully understands but everybody wants.

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