Future of Mobility
Competition, Risks, Opportunities
Project Description

Future of Mobility was a research project that required a “deep dive” into the most disruptive transportation developments taking place in key markets around the world. It focused on several areas, such as new transportation services (ride sharing), new transportation methods (drones, self-driving cars) and new transportation investments that private companies and governments are pursuing.


The future of mobility will have an enormous impact for many countries and their ability to compete on the world stage. Pollution, climate change, congestion, social unrest, lack of infrastructure and other variables that, in combination, makeup a mobility landscape, are obstacles and opportunities.


Important geopolitical questions that emerged:


• As more countries adopt drones to deliver goods, can populations become “drone dependent”?


• What new risks do cities need to prepare for – like a cyber attack on a power grid controlling public transport systems?


• How big of a geopolitical element is transportation in initiatives like the “New Silk Road”?

Project Details