Explosive Times
Global Strategy, Digital Media
Project Description

Starting in 2013, Explosive Times revolved around a central idea: use digital channels like Twitter to show people the most disruptive events taking place around the world.


This involved working on multiple fronts, from developing criteria on what constitutes a “disruptive event” to distilling events into actionable takeaways for users. It also required utilizing social media channels in innovative ways to attract an audience.


Some areas covered:


World Affairs

Global Economy

Future of Finance


Important geopolitical questions that emerged:


• The entire world is rapidly changing. What does this mean for existing models of business, government and life?


• New “alternatives” are coming to the world stage, spearheaded by China, Russia, Iran, India and more. What does this mean for world affairs?


• How does a company operate in a world passing through “Explosive Times”?

Project Details