Two words:Next Geopolitics

For more than a century, geopolitics has revolved around the same variables. These are: oil, natural gas, currency, defense and conflict. These variables have defined the trajectory and destiny of countries and regions.

Now, a new era of geopolitics is the horizon, led by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, gene editing and virtual reality, among others. I call this era Next Geopolitics, and it has the potential to change the future of countries and companies, the structure of the world and the hegemony of nations.

Below are a few examples of what I pay attention to.

Why should you care?

In an ideal world, things would follow a clear path. But, we are not living in an ideal world. As new technologies transform geopolitics, your approach to understanding geopolitics in all four corners of the world will need to change. Whether you are working in a government, in a hyper growth startup or in a large-established firm, your place in 2025, 2035 and beyond, will be defined by the steps you take to prepare for Next Geopolitics.

Here are the kinds of people who should be thinking about Next Geopolitics:

Next Steps

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